About Savannah Sausage Company

The Savannah Sausage Company is proud to claim Savannah our home. We have combined generational talents and hometown pride to produce a first in class smoked sausage using premium pork cuts, traditional southern flavors and unique spice recipes. Each and every item that comes out of our doors is flavored with all of the seasons of the classic South. With every bite, we want you to feel the flavors of Savannah.

Our Original Recipe, Andouille and Vidalia* Onion & Uncured Bacon Smoked Sausage are made with Premium Pork Cuts including Boston Butt, a mouthwatering blend of spices and you said it, HOSPITALITY!

All Three Flavors

Our All-Natural Process

Savannah Sausage Company is excited to announce we have enhanced our curing process by using only all natural ingredients such as celery, cherries and sea salt.


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