Our Story

roger wood family

The opportunity to enjoy live-oak trees draping with Spanish moss in the Historic city of Savannah is a special part of the wonderful heritage Roger Wood shared with his family. The Roger Wood family has thrived in this beautiful community because of his vision to create an ever-growing sausage company.  In tribute to this vision, and empowered with generational sausage making knowledge, the family created Savannah Sausage Company’s All-Natural sausage as a compliment to Roger Wood Foods.

Savannah Sausage Company embraces the significance of the beautiful history of Savannah and enjoys sharing her heritage.  Original paintings of downtown Savannah by local artists grace Savannah Sausage packaging and hints at the special flavors inside.  The handcrafted sausage blends select cuts of meat, signature seasonings, and hickory smoked attributes in a natural casing to create the All-Natural entrée your family deserves!

archival photo fading to current photo of roger wood sausage

We believe Savannah Sausage reflects the essence of the cultural flavor and hospitality of our city.  Our focus on quality and heritage will make your food experience fun, exciting and historic.