We offer two versions of our premium Savannah Sausage: Sage & Pepper and Andouille. Our packaging reflects the beauty and history of Savannah with original paintings of our city.

River Street

savannah ga river street
Painting by Sharon Saseen, 2011

River Street was the maritime epicenter for the fledgling Georgia colony in 1733, a main avenue for cotton exportation, the backdrop for pirate adventures and an active military venue for the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  The cobblestoned street contains many stories and secrets that visitors still relish while they walk at the river’s edge.

The Sage & Pepper is created with a dash of sage, a pinch of black pepper, our secret spice blend and mixed with premium pork cuts to create the perfect southern gourmet experience.

Forsyth Park Fountain

forsyth park savannah ga
Painting by Aline Wood, Grandmother of David Solana, President SSC  

The Forsyth Park Fountain, erected in 1858, is modeled after the grand fountain in Paris at the Place de la Concorde, France. It’s ornate carvings and stark white hue make the fountain the pristine focal point of Forsyth Park and one of the most visited attractions in Savannah. 

Our Andouille is enhanced with our robust Cajun spice blend and mixed with premium pork cuts to create the perfect Southern gourmet experience.